Play The Bridge. A multi-media digital activation with a giant canvas.

To attract higher value customers, 2degrees needed to grow up their jokey image and reposition themselves as an innovative and smarter brand. The Play the Bridge campaign enabled people to use their mobile phones to interact with Auckland’s Harbour Bridge (the country’s largest man made structure), turning it into their very own synchronized light show - to a song of their choice. Linked to Google Play people could choose from over 25 million tracks. 2km of LED lights lit up the Auckland skyline, performing to each track. People could watch it streamed live on the website, or they could watch it in person with the music streaming live on their mobile. Over 20,000 songs were selected. The bridge was played, viewed, streamed, tweeted, listened to and shared 2.6 million times (twice the population of Auckland). Remarkably, more people actively engaged with Play the Bridge than attended the Cricket World Cup that New Zealand was concurrently co-hosting.



Axis Awards – Bronze x1
Best Awards – Gold x2
Effie Awards – Bronze x1
Newspaper Advertising Awards – Best news brand campaign