Little Treasures Cover. Creating your very own personalised edition.

To introduce Ecostore’s chemical-free cleaning and body products to young mums, we partnered up with iconic parenting magazine Little Treasures to create a world first digital promotion. We designed a microsite that gave subscribers the chance to design their very own Little Treasures front cover, starring their own children. They just had to visit the site, upload their image and then the next Little Treasures they received in the post had their child on the cover. 3,000 covers were made in just seven days. Within a month ACP (now Bauer) research showed that 50% of all mums in New Zealand had seen or heard of the campaign. 84% of mums who saw the campaign said they would consider opting out of products that contain harmful chemicals. Ironically, this world-first digital innovation also won Magazine Ad of the Year. 



MPA Magazine ad of the year