Paspaley Pearls

Everything Precious. Turning literature into an online event.

Australian luxury pearl brand Paspaley wanted to engage a younger audience (who currently think that pearls just aren’t for them). This audience seek entertainment online, and read a lot. We brought together a collaboration between 2012 Miles Franklin Literary Award winning writer Anna Funder, acclaimed Australian actress Teresa Palmer and top fashion photographer Derek Henderson. The result was an original work of fiction - a short story of love, self discovery and all that is precious, brought to life by stunning images of the main character wearing Paspaley Pearls.

'Everything Precious’ was released in seven daily instalments to the inboxes of subscribers, and as a printed book. We created a 60” online trailer, print ads, billboards, rich media banners, EDMs and social media to drive people towards the exclusive content. On the Paspaley website the content could be read directly, downloaded as a pdf, downloaded for free through iBook and Kindle, and enjoyed as an audio book, read by the author herself. Combining emotive literature with powerful visual imagery was an effective way to engage to a younger audience who pay little attention to traditional fashion advertising.

The campaign generated over $1,400,000 worth of positive PR coverage. Most importantly, it drove the most successful sales quarter in Paspaley’s 80 year history, with 50% of sales going to ‘new to category’ younger customers (this was 24% in the previous year). In addition, the story has now been published for sale worldwide by Penguin Books.




AXIS Awards – Bronze x1, Silver x2, Bronze x4
Best Awards – Bronze x1
Webby Award x2